Wednesday, 22 March 2017

sriracha and Reich

Sriracha sauce is apparently named after the town Sri Racha (ศรีราชา) in Thailand. Thai ศรี s̄rī "glory" and ราชา rāchā "royal" are borrowed from Pali, and are cognate with Sanskrit श्री śrī "glory" and राज rāja "king". polglot vegetarian has much more. 

राज rāja "king" is derived from Proto-Indo-European *h₃reǵ- "to move in a straight line". The lengthened grade form *h₃rēǵ- became Celtic *rīg-yo-, borrowed into Germanic as *rīkja-, becoming German Reich "empire, realm".

श्री śrī "glory" is from PIE *ḱreiH-.


Anonymous said...

Nit: "king" in Sanskrit is "rājan" in the base-form or "rājā" in the nominative, not "rāja" (unless at the end of a compound)

goofy said...

I was going by how it is cited in Monier-Williams.

goofy said...

But you're right, rājan is the normal way to cite it.