Tuesday, 14 March 2017

poecilonym and faw

Proto-Indo-European *peiḱ- "coloured, speckled" (IEW) or "to cut, mark" (AHD) became Greek ποικίλος poikilos "many-coloured, variegated, various", borrowed into English thru Latin as poecilo- as in poecilonym, another word for synonym.

In Germanic it became *faiχoz and English faw "coloured, stained, streaked; particoloured, variegated", which seems to have died out in the 16th century.
Beowulf line 1630: 
lagu drusade ƿæter under ƿolcnum ƿældreore fag 
The lake stagnated, water under the sky stained with the blood of slaughter.
In Latin it became pingō, pictum "to represent pictorially with the pencil or needle, to paint, embroider", borrowed into English as picture and paint.

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