Wednesday, 11 January 2017

यात्रा एजेंसी बम्बई

I saw this tag on a someone's backpack at an airport, and it means I shouldn’t complain any more about unconjoined letters or unattached diacritics.

It's Hindi or Marathi यात्रा एजेंसी बम्बई yātrā ejeṃsī bamba'ī "travel agency Bombay", and the त and र and not conjoined, and the second vowel diacritic of एजेंसी is unconnected. If they do it in India then I guess it's ok with me.

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RajeshM said...

First time I've ever seen it written this way. The only reason I can think of for why it was done incorrectly is that the person didn't know how to use the keyboard correctly and was too lazy to figure it out.

The thing that always bugs me is these mixed Hindi and English names. Just call it a travel agency and be done with it with the English word written in Devanagari.