Thursday, 17 July 2014

Word crimes

I knew that Weird Al Yankovic was a grammar snob, but this song is just insulting. People who use less with count nouns (like Shakespeare) were raised in a sewer. People who use figurative "literally" (like Dickens and Fitzgerald) are stupid. Use any words that Yankovic doesn't like and you're a "moron", "dumb mouth-breather", "spastic", haven't finished second grade.

I'd like to think he's aware of the irony, that he's being just as childish as he accuses others of being. 


Vijay said...

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speedwell said...

I think that's kind of the point, really.

goofy said...

I think that's kind of the point, really.

I'm not sure. Yankovic is a grammar snob. He said:

When I came up with the idea for 'Word Crimes,' I thought, ‘That's great because I'm always correcting people's grammar; it's kind of a big deal with me. In fact, I've done some funny videos for YouTube where I'm correcting road signs and making the grammar better on the highway and in the supermarket.’"