Saturday, 24 August 2013

what they're saying about Bradshaw of the Future

"slice of dry white bread" - Gez
"tails off at the end" - languagehat
"quite neat" - Schrisomalis
"etymological opiates for the masses" - Mahendra Singh
"very cool and always informative" - Drew
"Ah, how the futuristic bradshaw brightens my day" - Adam Roberts
"informative without being too strident" - the engine room
"home-made penne all'arrabbiata with the sauce made from the best tomatoes on this planet" - bulbul
"desperate wrong-doer" - Lewis Carroll


Faldone said...

The important question is what does Nick Danger of the Future say about Bradshaw of the Future?

Anonymous said...

Lewis Carroll reference? One of the people responding to his puzzles in a magazine used the name, right? Probably you mention that somewhere. I enjoy the entries I've read.