Tuesday, 20 August 2013

atoll and esoteric

atoll is borrowed from Dhivehi އަތޮޅު atoḷu (related to Sinhala ඇතුල් ætul "inside"), possibly related to Sanskrit अन्तर antara- "interior". Or the Dhivehi word might be borrowed from Malayalam attālam "sinking reef" (or അടൽ aṭal "closing, uniting"), in which case it is probably not of IE origin.

Maldivian atolls

Sanskrit antara- is from PIE *en-tero- from *en- "in" plus *-tero- an adjectival comparative suffix. *en-tero- became Greek ἔντερον enteron "intestine", as in enteric, dysentery. It also became Latin intrō as in introduce.

The extended suffixed *ens-ō- (*-ō- being a form of the thematic suffix?) became Greek ἔσω esō "within". The comparative form of this is ἐσωτέρω esōterō (featuring the comparative suffix *-tero-) as in ἐσωτερικός esōterikos "inner, esoteric", as in esoteric.


ambarish said...

I really like that you transliterated the Devanagari, Thaana and Sinhalese words into Latin. Any reason you didn't do that for the Greek words?

Thanks again for the blog!

goofy said...

habit, I guess. Do you think I should transliterate Greek?