Tuesday, 4 June 2013


There are four docks, each with a different etymology.

The structure used to receive ships is related to Dutch dok, Swedish docka, German Dock, further etymology uncertain. Skeat connects it to Latin doga "ditch" and Greek δοχή "receptacle".

The place where a criminal is placed during a trial is related to Flemish dok "rabbit-hutch, fowl-pen, cage".

The solid part of an animal's tail, also used a verb meaning "cut off, amputate" is related to Icelandic dockr "short stumpy tail" and German docke "bundle, plug, peg", further etymology uncertain.

The name for the herb (genus Rumex) is from Old English docce, perhaps from PIE *dheuh₂-.
Rumex patientia


Lane said...

Are you sure that "Dutch" "receptacle" or "boat-dock" and "Flemish" *dok*, "cage", are two different words?

Lane said...

Are you sure the "Dutch" dok (boat dock) and the "Flemish" dok (cage) are different words?

goofy said...

No, I'm not sure.