Sunday, 3 March 2013

dachshund and tissue

Proto-Indo-European *teḱs- "to weave, fabricate" possibly became Proto-Germanic *þahsuz "badger" ("the animal that builds") and German Dachs "badger". Dachshund means "badger-dog", probably because it was bred for hunting badgers.
The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots suggests that *þahsuz is more likely from the same source as Gaulish Tazgo-, Gaelic Tadhg, originally meaning "badger".
In Greek, *teḱs-na- became τέχνη tekhnē "art, craft, skill" as in technical
In Latin, *teḱs- became texere "to weave", becoming Old French tistre past participle tissu, which was originally used for a kind of rich cloth.

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Carl M. said...

Whoa, dachshunds are the most high tech dogs? Roger that.