Saturday, 22 September 2012


The subway has this new ad for the radio station Kiss 92.5, with the word "listen" in various languages. Except that, as usual, the scripts are messed up.

Here the letters are not connected; this should be عمتسا, which is apparently Arabic for "listen".

For this word, not only are the letters disconnected, this is printed in the wrong direction. It should be گوش دادن goš dādan Persian for "to listen" - literally "to give ear".

The Hindi is disconnected too. tsk tsk…

And a lot of these words are infinitives, not imperatives. It's almost as if someone used Google Translate.


Gary Dale Cearley said...

Google Translate? Now there's a thought!

vp said...

I experimented with Google Autotranslate by putting


with an explanation mark. The correct (well, one correct) Hindi translation


was returned. They should have used exclamation points!

Philip Newton said...

And the German means "hear", not "listen" (which would be "zuhören" or perhaps "hinhören" depending on the details, indicating directed or attentive hearing = listening).