Tuesday, 15 March 2011

qindarka and decussate

qindarka is a unit of Albanian currency.

Albanian qindarka (the q represents the palatal stop /c/) is the definite form of qindarkë, which is qindar plus a diminutive suffix. qind is "hundred", from Proto-Indo-European *dḱm̥-tom "hundred". This is the source of Latin centum, Sanskrit śatam, and English hund-red.

*dḱm̥-tom is a zero-grade suffixed form of *deḱm̥- "ten". This became English ten, Latin decem, Sanskrit dasa, etc. Latin decussis was the number ten, hence X, and a kind of coin.

decussate means "To cross, intersect, lie across, so as to form a figure like the letter X".

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Steve said...

Thanks for the word decussate. If I ever knew it, I'd long since forgotten it. I'm glad to see someone else interested in Indo-European etymology.