Thursday, 30 December 2010

sweet and hedonism

Proto-Indo-European *sweh₂d- "sweet, pleasant" became Proto-Germanic *swōtja then English sweet.

The suffixed form *swād-onā became ancient Greek ἡδονή "lust", borrowed into English as hedonism.

The suffixed form *swād-wi- became Latin suāuis "sweet" then French suave "agreeable", then English suave.

The form *swād-es- became ancient Greek ἡδύς ēdus or ϝἁδύς wadus "sweet". This combined with α "not" to form ἁηδης aēdēs "unpleasant", giving us a word that is new to me: aedes, a yellow-fever mosquito of the genus Aëdes.


Renegade in Retirement said...

In Indian languages, 'swad' means taste

goofy said...

Yes, and it is related!