Thursday, 2 December 2010

mullered and amaranth

mullered is a British English word meaning "smashed, wrecked, hammered"… that is, "drunk". muller means "ruin, wreck, destroy". It was probably borrowed from Angloromani mul-, the preterite stem of mer- "to die" (OED). This is cognate with Sanskrit mr̥ "to die", as in mara and amrita.

The Proto-Indo-European root *mer- "to rub away, harm" became Greek μαραίνειν marainein "to whither, decay". The adjective *-μαραντος -marantos "fading, corruptible" combined with ἀ "not" became ἀμάραντος amarantos, "everlasting". This was borrowed into Latin as amarantus. It was also written amaranthus due to the assumption that it was related to Greek ἄνθος anthos "flower" (OED). An amarant(h) is a flower that never fades.

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