Tuesday, 9 March 2010


The Canadian government has new posters in Toronto advertising English classes. The poster shows the phrase "English classes" in a few different languages, but tragically the Arabic script is badly rendered.

Not only are the letters disconnected, but they're printed in the wrong direction (left to right instead of right to left).

Reverse the direction, and you get كلاساى زبان انگليسى klāsāī zabān ānglīsī. I'm guessing this is Persian for "English language classes".

The associated website has an unfortunate problem as well. The list of languages on the left includes Arabic:

This is اربيك ārabīk - it seems to be just a translisteration of the English word "Arabic" into Arabic script. Why did they use this and not العربية al-ʿarabīyah? Either it's a mistake or I'm missing something; there are a lot of google hits for اربيك.


bulbul said...

This definitely rates at least three LOLs with a side order of WTF.
One of those Ghits is this Youtube video with a description in strange (machine translated?) Arabic, but the title has both أربيك AND جو. Lovely.

Mattitiahu said...

Oh Canada... *foreheadsmack*