Wednesday, 20 May 2009

naan and gymnasium

Proto-Indo-European *nogʷ- "naked" became Old Persian *nagna "naked, bare", then Persian نان nān "bread" - "probably from being baked uncovered in an oven rather than covered in ash" says the AHD. This was borrowed into Hindi as नान nān - in English naan, the north Indian flatbread.

The suffixed form *nogʷ-mo- had its sounds rearranged thru taboo deformation and became Greek γυμνός (gumnos) "naked". γυμνάσιον (gumnasion), borrowed into Latin as gymnasium, was "the public place where athletic exercises were practised", since the athletes practised naked.

The suffixed form *nogʷ-eto-, *nogʷ-oto- became English naked.

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Anonymous said...

In HIndi nake = Nanga