Thursday, 20 November 2008

more Toronto Tamil

என்.எஸ்.தர்சி கேற்றறிங் அன்ட் ரேக் அவுட்
eṉ. es. tarci kēṟṟaṟiṅ aṉṭ rēk avuṭ - N.S. Tharsi catering and takeout. "Catering" is kēṟṟaṟiṅ

"Are you new to Canada? Welcome to the Toronto Public Library"
"Toronto" is ரொறன்ரோ roṟaṉrō. Both Tamil r-letters are pronounced the same, but there seems to be a convention that one represents English /r/ and the other represents English /t/, at least on some signs.

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