Monday, 27 October 2008

food and -abad

I mean the -abad found in place names like Faisalabad, Allahabad and Hyderabad. This suffix is from Persian آباد ābād "city, building, habitation; cultivated, peopled", from Indic *paH- "protect, keep". It's cognate with Sanskrit "to watch, keep, preserve".

The Proto-Indo-European root is *peh₂- "protect, feed", which in English became food, feed and fodder. In Latin it became pāstor "shepherd".

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Glen Gordon said...

To add, *peh₂- probably also begat the word *ph₂-ter- "father" (lit. "provider"). Personally, I gather that the so-called kinship ending, *-h₂ter-, spread by an analogy based on missegmentation of this father word. That is, by way of a nursery word *p(a)- "daddy" and **-h2ter-.