Friday, 25 July 2008

watch out for snakes

From the English Blog: a sign, apparently from a snake park in Pune, India.

I'm not convinced that this is a translation issue, since Indian English is spoken by millions of people thruout India - not as a first language, perhaps, but it's not a foreign language.

update: As Dave points out, it seems to be a sort of copy of this sign from San Diego.


komfo,amonan said...

What strikes me is that Hindi [?] apparently has as many synonyms for 'annoy' as English.

I wonder whether omitting 'taunt' was an editorial decision.

goofy said...

I think it's Marathi, because it's in Pune and the letter ळ.

Jon Boy said...

That's a rather impressive list.

Editrix said...

So I guess I'm still allowed to irritate the animal. Or bug it. Or throw peanuts at it.

This sign invites all kinds of loopholery.

rpmason said...

As they say, make it idiot-proof and they'll just make a better idiot (present company excepted). I'm not sure what the translation error might be since I can't read Marathi. My only concern is the lack of the serial (Oxford) comma. Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

David said...

They left out plague, disquiet, grate and beset and the bully of bullyrag and they changed heckle to hackle.

San Diego Zoo sign