Monday, 2 June 2008


pens to the angry one is penne all'arrabbiata. But what about pants?

This English menu for the restaurant Pizzeria Le Macine in Terni lists pens to the angry one among its dishes, but the most interesting-looking dish is "pants".

Pant to the ham
Pant mushrooms and ham
Pant to the sausage
Pant to the spinaches

The Italian menu identifies this as calzoni. My dictionary translates calzone, plural calzoni as "pants, trousers." But calzone is also a kind of stuffed pizza crust.

What I don't understand is how they got the singular "pant".


AdamX said...

tasty. pants!

Broccoli said...

So do the pants come with tomato sauce already on them?

Google and Babelfish translate calzoni as trousers and slacks, but translate calzone as calzone.

Presumably their translater did the same, and, figuring that it was a fault in the translator, they singularized the plural to come up with pant.

Glen Gordon said...

I think that one pant is quite filling enough, let alone two. No doubt the chef thought so too.

Luther B said...

calzone is the singular, so I guess it's right. Translating back to italian is:

Calzone al prosciutto

Which makes sense.