Friday, 16 May 2008

ymbe þreo þing

1) Mahendra Singh (an illustrator busily fitting Lewis Carroll into a protosurrealist straitjacket with matching dada cufflinks) has made available the Preface and Fits 1 & 2 of his illustrated Hunting of the Snark as a PDF. This is one of my favourite poems. Drawing on surrealist and protosurrealist sources past and future, Mahendra has managed to impossibly capture the spirit of this poem exactly right. Bravo. Bravo.

2) This installment of Dinosaur Comics (pointed out by Our Bold Hero) makes a mistake in etymology, of all things.

The word [woman] originally derives from the Old English "wïfmann", where "wïf" meant "female" and "mann" meant a person of either sex: thus, a female human!

This is true.

Man didn't mean male?

Nope! It derives from the Latin "humanus" (earthling), from "humus" (earth, soil)!

This is not so true. There is no etymological connection between man and human. Just thought I should point that out.

3) The city of Toronto has a poster on display in some buildings listing "the top 64 languages spoken in Toronto, as reported in the 2001 census" plus "the four predominant First Nations languages spoken in Toronto."

Very cool. I didn't expect to see Konkani, Hindko, or Michif. Note the Syriac script for Assyrian and Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic). It's weird that they classify Spanish as being from Spain. I doubt that all Spanish speakers in Toronto are from Spain.


Jon Boy said...

Well, they also specify that English comes from England and that French comes from France, even though the vast majority of English and French speakers in Canada aren't directly from either country.

mahendra singh said...

Thank you, goofy, for your very kind mention of my ever-so 'umble efforts to rectify the shocking lack of surrealist nonsense on the internet!

The world of the Snark and the world of BOTF are essentially the same: the raw stuff of meaning is tortured into giving up its pretense of inevitability.

When the revolution comes I can assure you that you will finally assume your rightful station as Bradshaw of the Present!

cheers! Mahendra

zmjezhd said...

Old English guma 'man, hero' (still surviving in the word bridegroom and archaic gome 'man') is cognate with Latin homo 'man; human being' whence humanus. I enjoy Dinosaur Comics and have always associated T Rex with prescriptivism gone haywire.

Snowden said...

They seem to have a typo in the Hebrew: it says בדוכים הבאים instead of ברוכים הבאים.

Glen Gordon said...

"It's weird that they classify Spanish as being from Spain. I doubt that all Spanish speakers in Toronto are from Spain."

Hehe, I think all the Mexicans are here in Winnipeg. We're not as snobby as those stuck-up Torontonians, hehehe.

bulbul said...

Alas, they also misspelled Slovak: it should be "Vitajte" and not "Vítajte". Ah well, I can only hope it is a hypercorrection by someone who's a speaker of one of the Eastern dialects (those don't have any long vowels) :)