Wednesday, 23 April 2008

les pierres sont remplies d'entrailles

April is National Poetry Month. Altho I'm not American, I feel like celebrating with some poems. Today we have two. Out of respect for The Queen's English Society, they don't rhyme.

Love Poem by Alexei Sayle

I know my love.
She treads lightly on the packed earth
Recently turned over by the plough.
Her hair is the colour of gvon.
Her eyes as bright as newly spun haakskin felt.
She waits for me.
Sucking a T.C.P. throat pastille.

Bypass through the Sky by André Breton and Philippe Sourpault (translated by David Gascoyne)

Child weaves a despair of pearls
Draws inspiration from the boxes he's received for his communion
Instigates the problem of birth in the form of a neat equation in the key of C
Barricades his window with his eyelashes
Plays with his little sister's prayer which is more silvery than his own
Endures the ill treatments
Of two to three
Multiplies himself in the manner of his book's microbes notably by schizogenesis the one which seperates itself from his has wings
He thinks about the beautiful karyokinesis
During mass


mahendra singh said...

Bravo. Bravo.

AdamX said...

I like the second one best.