Friday, 21 December 2007

chakra and wheel

Chakras are centres of life force energy. My favourite chakra is sahasrara (सहस्रर "thousand"), the thousand petaled lotus, located over the fontanel. Nectar dripping from the thousand petaled lotus is caught in ājñā (आज्ञा "command"), the third eye.

Sanskrit चक्र cakra means "wheel". The Proto-Indo-European root is *kʷel- "to revolve, move around, dwell". The initial syllable was reduplicated and a suffix was added to form *kʷ(e)-kʷl-o-. This became Sanskrit cakra. The initial /kʷ/ became /c/ (before a front vowel), the medial /kʷ/ became /k/, and the /l/ became /r/.

*kʷ(e)-kʷl-o- also became Proto-Germanic *hweh(w)ula-, then Old English hweogol, then hwēol, then wheel.

Also from *kʷ(e)-kʷl-o- we get cycle from Greek κύκλος kuklos "circle".

From the base form *kʷel- we get culture from Latin colere, cultus "to till". From the o-grade form *kʷol- we get collar from Latin collum "neck".

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